How to Maximise Your Winnings on Roulette Betting


Playing roulette is about one thing, WINNING! You are highly likely to find the European and/or American Roulette in the casinos. Online casino like the Luxury Casino offer all variations giving you the power of choice.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to win, and while at it, to maximize your winnings.

1. Know the type of bet to make- Play the Outside type

As convenient as t may be, always attempt to place your bet on either red or black for each spin. This kind of betting will pay 1 to 1 and cover 18 of the 38 possible combinations. Outside bet reduces the chances of your bet remaining in prison on consecutive spins, however, a second consecutive 0 makes you lose the bet. Isn’t a second chance what we all deserve? Also, start small. In online casino place a dollar each on both the red and black chips or before that, attempt the online casino trials at Zodina Casino, Captain Cooks among others. So, the outside rule is a favorable rule for you, the player.

2. Cover As Many Numbers As You Can

You’ve got to spread them out so that each bet is covering two rows each. They shouldn’t double up with another bet. This places you at a chance of winning up to 20 chips. To maximize your wins, you may need to buy one stack of the Casino Chips of an appropriate denomination. You’ve got to keep checking the previous rounds on the Roulette as this precedence will help you to make insightful predictions for future rounds.

3. Wait for the Odd or the Even

Almost all times, place a bet when an odd or even number have appeared consecutively. You can watch at least four rounds, as advised above, to have a safe expectation of the next round. In order to carefully predict your odds or even, you might want to check out this site [ ENTER WEBSITE URL].

4. Choose the Row method

The layout will show as 2-to-1, and it pays exactly on that ratio. In this one, you play colors. You play on one of the three rows, safe to leave your original bet and take the winnings upon every successful rounds. Simply put, you play colors, but you’ve got to watch the game for some time. Study the trend.

5. Go European

Try to play only the European Roulette Table and quite as much as you can, avoid the American Roulette Table, especially if you are starting. On the American Table the double 00 increases the casino’s profit ratios, simultaneously, with your chances of losing. Also, the European roulette has one less slot and the En Prison rule’ which optimizes your chances of winning.

6. Bet on groups –Safety in Numbers

A group is always than betting on single number. Group betting increases the probability of winning, which is necessary, it’s a game of odds, why not increase yours? The outside option provides group betting options. This way, you can go a dozen numbers, color or odds and evens. This is undoubtedly way safer than betting on single number because the ball can only land on one slot.


Betting strategies are not cast in stone, they keep changing. Practice improves your expertise, and online casinos offer a wide variety of chances to begin as an amateur. Play Roulette on two conditions; you are ready to lose or win and two, you can afford to lose.