Beatable Gambling Games


Anytime you walk into a casino, you may come away a winner or a loser. After all, that’s the nature of the beast and the appeal of gambling. However, there are only a few games where you can consistently win over the long-term. So only gamblers of certain games can look back at their win/loss column over the course of 3 years or so and see a profit.

Remember, even these ‘beatable’ games are very hard to beat. Well more than 90% of the players in the ‘beatable’ games still lose. But there is the chance to win long-term at these games, whereas other games there are not. The reason you can potentially win at these games is because you are playing against other players instead of the house.


Poker is the most beatable game since you are playing against other players. The house just charges a fee, whether it is a percentage of the pot or an hourly rate. If you are significantly better than your opponents, you will come out a winner over time. The key is to not only improve your own poker playing, but to play against weaker opponents. There are many poker tips websites out there that give free advice on how to play better.

Sports Betting

While very difficult to beat, sports betting is theoretically possible. This is because if the betting public likes a certain team so much, they will bet on it anyways, pushing the line. Then, you bet on the unpopular team. Basically, the idea is that the public will sometimes lay you too good of odds if you take the unpopular bet. Nevertheless, sports betting is still very difficult to beat.


If you can count cards and get away with it, you may come out a long-term winner at blackjack. This method of winning at gambling was profiled in the movie 21. Nevertheless, most people who try to count cards mess up and lose. Those that are good at it generally are not good enough at avoiding detection and get banned from the casinos.

Unbeatable Games

There are some games where you don’t really have much hope at winning long-term. There’s no proven way to beat these games. Most people who market ’systems’ for these games make way more money off of selling their system than actually using it, if you catch my drift.


Some people believe you can somehow track the ball on the roulette wheel. While this may have been possible in the past, modern roulette wheels are much better built and scientifically tested to make sure that each spin is 100% random.

Punto Blanco (Baccarat)

Another popular game, especially for high-stakes, there’s no way to beat this game as well. If you notice, the casino helps you track the cards (they don’t do this at blackjack). They do this because they want you to think the game is beatable so you will stay and bet more, when in fact it is not.